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Welcome to Orsa and our Congregation.

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Skapelsens lov

We would be very honoured  if you visit our church if passing Orsa, se our program. Just contakt our pastor or some in the congregationboard.

Our church "the blue church" is  in the center of Orsa. Our History began in 1866 when the Lutheran Mission Association was founded. We become a member i Svenska Missionskyrkan (The Covernant church of  Sweden) in 1897. Our first pastor were employed in 1900, and today we have our 14th employed pastor, Göran Sundquist .

Skapelsens lov

The Sunday schools in the small villages around Orsa in the 1870´s was the beginning to our youth association, Orsa SMU. The ekumenical work has always been important in the congregations life. >From the early 1900s with invitations to have service, to last decades "Orsa Kristna Samarbets råd", a council were we plan and work together, just to show our unity in Christ.

Skapelsens lov

As our congregations name is pointing out, our most central interest is Mission. In Orsa as in other country. Since 1990 we have a sister congregation, Mindouli in The Republic of Congo ( Kongo Brazzaville). 

Our congregation have had a declining  in members the last decades, today we are about 80 members ( in Jan.2008) but we have faith for a growing congregation  in Orsa, in Sweden and the World, in the days to come.

Churchwindow of paited glas. Look what the artist says!(In Swedich.

Lokal map.

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